HL7 Professional Training


This particular HL7 Training in India, USA & UK is for the programmers, developers of interface and implementation. The course is so designed that it would help you to develop expert skills for analysis testing, tracking of problems and even the phase activation of any of the HL7 projects that you will be undergoing.

We will help you to design the HL7 standards, rules for the message formatting, triggering the concepts of the HL7 and work with the data types, identifiers, and table translation. Everything comes with practical knowledge along with the theory part of the course.

Once you are done with the HL7 Certification course at Max Online Training Institute, you will be able to analyze the design and develop and even test the HL7 messages too.

Things you will learn in HL7 Course Online Training:
  • Description of the editing tool
  • Registration of the HL7 exam
  • Control and construction of HL7 message
  • About the various data type of the HL7 messages
  • Conformance of the Hl7 messages.


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If you take up our HL7 online corporate training, this would surely help you exist in the corporate world, teaching the essentials you may require at the job field. We will help you to teach with the real time classes along with practical classes that would give an experience too. Even you will get a 100% job guarantee which would ensure an assured career for you once you get it done.

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The installation of the HL7 accelerator results in one or more of these items, depending on the selection during installation:

  • Schemas: Contains the XSD representation of HL7 messages which are in flat file format in version v2.x
  • Pipelines: Converts HL7 messages in flat file format into XML on receive and XML to flat file when sending messages and validates the HL7 message
  • Adapter: Minimal Lower Layer Protocol (MLLP) adapter enables BizTalk to receive or send HL7-based messages, which BizTalk Server typically transports using the MLLP protocol. The MLLP adapter ensures that BizTalk Server and BTAHL7 are interoperable with HL7-based messaging applications. Generates acknowledgements for received messages
  • Tools and Utilities: Configuration Explorer, MLLP Test Tool, SDK, Logging framework

It contains the definitional schema referred to by all version 2.31 message schemas.

It contains Schema for MSH segent and HL7 acknowledgements.

Yes, you need to add a party for each application that sends data into BizTalk server.

Unlike default flat file DASM that BizTalk server provides, the HL7 does not require that a schema be specified per pipeline.

If configured for Acknowledgement or if MSH.15 and MSH16 request them, the DASM generates one or more acknowledgements.

HL7 accelerator runs only in 32-bit mode. (64-bit support is available in BizTalk 2013).

The HL7 parser is designed to check the party configuration for each HL7 message. It reads the MSH.3 and checks for whether a party has been defined. If it has then HL7 parser follows the configuration supplied via HL7 configuration explorer.

Yes, it is possible to override certain field values in MSH segment of outgoing message.

Both are used to receive HL7 message but former one used to receive HL7 message as flat file and later one to receive HL7 message as XML.

We can, but do not alter because the HL7 parser only looks for single MSH, the standard one that the HL7 accelerator provides.

The ACK code is found in the MSA-1 field of the ACK message. The following codes are supported by HL7:

  • AA – Application Accept
  • AE – Application Error
  • AR – Application Reject

HL7 Course Content :

This course teaches students how to achieve the interoperability into Health Care System, what is HL7 and why it is required?The tutorial series covers topics like HL7 basics, HL7 Structure and HL7 Message Types.

This course is designed for people who are interested to make their career into Healthcare IT.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the work flow of US healthcare
  • Understand the structure of HL7 messages
  • How HL7 is critical to transfer patient information
  • Troubleshoot HL7 messages

There is no prerequisite skill required to attend this course.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Healthcare Interoperability
    • US healthcare basics
    • US healthcare workflow and why interoperability is required
  • Introduction to vocabularies in Healthcare
  • US healthcare work flow and different coding standards like ICD, CPT etc.
  • Introduction to HL7 version 2.x, data types, ack
  • Why HL7 is required
  • HL7 v2.x Patient Administration, Orders and Results
  • Message Types and Event triggers in HL7
  • Reading HL7 Message in HL7 editor

Mirth Connect

This training gives you a complete overview of Mirth Connect, whereby the most frequently used components are dealt with in various labs.

You learn all about the most important basic Mirth components, including source and destination connectors, transformers and filters.

The management, testing and debugging options are also dealt with.

This course is designed for people who are interested to make their career into Healthcare IT anddata integration.

IT employees, institutions, medical support and service engineers, medical software developers and testers.

Basic understanding of SQL , JavaScript, XML and HL7

Course Outline:

Mirth Connect is a powerful Open Source Communication Server, which is also very effective in routing medical (HL7, DICOM) messages and enabling effective communication between a great many different systems. During this  hands-on training, the basic principles of working with Mirth Connect are explained by introducing you to the theory involved and allowing you to participate in a great many practical exercises.

The training gives you a good idea of what is possible within the healthcare sector with the help of Mirth Connect. After completing the training, you will know a great deal more about the architecture and operation of Mirth Connect as well as the many benefits afforded by the Commercial Open Source approach.

In addition to theory, the focus of the training is on practical application, so you acquire direct hands-on experience using Mirth Connect.

In the course of the training, you will quickly be making your own connectors and using various protocols, including LLP, e-mail and database connections.

As a result, you obtain a good overview of the possibilities offered by Mirth Connect.

After completing the training, you will be able to install Mirth Connect and to design, build and roll out connectors.

You will be familiar with the areas of application of Mirth Connect and will be able to advise others regarding the possibilities.

After completing the Mirth Connect Fundamentals training, you can follow the Mirth Connect Advanced training.